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Your Certified Floor Inspector
Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector / Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
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Carpet Certified Floor Inspector
Certified Vinyl  and VCT Floor Inspector
Floor Inspectors!

While working my way through the University of South Carolina in the early 1970s, I had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and jobs in the flooring installation trade. 

As I worked the first several years after graduation in various government agencies I continued to supplement my income installing wood, ceramic tile, carpet, vinyl and VCT flooring. Being curious, I studied the manufacturing technics of flooring; and the installation and maintenance of the products. It was in the mid 1980s that flooring retailers, installers, homeowners, and business owners started asking me to “look at” flooring failures or complaints. Later, I learned about the CERTIFICATION SCHOOLS. I attended them becoming a SENIOR CERTIFIED FLOOR INSPECTOR.

Tucks Floor Inspection Service, (Mr.) Selva “Lee” Tucker, is an independent flooring inspection service. I have no contractual obligation to anyone but my commissioning agent. My only obligation is to find the truth and cause of your flooring issues so that you can make a determination as to the best actions for your benefit. My income is solely from doing Independent Flooring Inspections. As such, my reputation for complete independent, impartial inspections and reports must be honesty, truthfulness and un-bias.

Thank you

Selva “Lee” Tucker

  (Floor Inspectors)

My Information 
Name: Selva “Lee” Tucker
Birthday: May 24, 1952 
College: University of South Carolina 
Major: Liberal Arts / Philosophy 

Personal History 
Location: Upstate South Carolina serving South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Southern Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. 
Job: Senior Certified Floor Inspector specializing in WOOD, CERAMIC TILE, WOVEN CARPET, CARPET 

Contact Information 
Phone: 864.238.5507

Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspections
Certified Ceramic Tile Flooring Inspections
Certified Carpet Inspections
Certified Woven Carpet Inspections
Certified Vinyl Inspections
Certified VCT Inspections
Certified Laminate Inspections

For your:
Hardwood Floor (flooring) Problems
Ceramic Tile Floor (flooring) Problems
Carpet Problems
Vinyl Problems
Rubber Floor (flooring) problems

(Mr.) Selva Lee Tucker
your Certified Flooring Ispector                           

Tucks Inspection Service also is not controlled by any organizations or associations supported and controlled by manufacturers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest. 

(Floor Inspectors)

Tucks Floor Inspection Service inspects flooring failures and issues.
Tucks Inspection Service does not inspect electrical or plumbing issues.
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