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You can contact Selva "Lee" Tucker by telpehone,

 864 238 5507 

Tucks Floor Inspection Service

Tucks Inspects Floors for the Following Complaints and Problems
  • Hardwood Cupping, Gaping, Gaps, Shrinkage, Moisture Issues, Moisture Barriers, Moisture Retarders, Buckling, Wearing, Loss of Gloss, Loss of Color, Sand/Finish Complaints, Insects, Insect Damage, Acclimation Complaints or Issues, Installation Complaints or Errors

Ceramic Tile, Stone and Marble
  • Cracked Tiles, Grout Coming Out, Deflection, Subfloor, Concrete, Grout Discoloration, Grout Discolored, Stained Marble, Stained Stone, Chipped Edges on Ceramic Tile, Chipped Edges on Marble and Stone

Carpet Complaints and Problems
  • Seams Falling Apart, Seams Raveling, Seams Unraveling, Soils Easily, Rapid Soiling, Stains, Wearing, Loss of Color, Fading, Wrinkled Carpet, Carpet Buckles, Carpet Buckling, Carpet Delamination, Questionable Reports? Bias Reports?

Vinyl & VCT Complaints and Problems
  • Vinyl Delamination, Vinyl Seams Gaps, Vinyl Seam Gaping, Vinyl Losing Color, Vinyl Loss of Color, Wearing, Vinyl Cuts, Vinyl Gouges, Telegraphing Subloor, Concrete, VCT Chipping, VCT Debonding

Laminate Complaints and Problems
  • Laminate Cupping, Laminate Swollen Seams, Laminate Swollen Joints, Laminate Delamination, Laminate Acclimation, Questionable Reports, Bias Reports? Laminate Edge Curling, Edge Curl, Laminate Indenting, Laminate Dents, Finish Wear-Layer Complaints, Laminate Loss of Gloss
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