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Certified Floor Inspector
Expert Witness
Expert Wood Flooring Inspector Certified by the NWFA in 2005
Member of the National Wood Flooring Association
Certified By FCITS in 1992 * Certified by ITS in 2002 * Certified by CTEF in 1999 * 2005
Legal Flooring Inspection Reports

Your Certified Floor Inspector!

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From the top of the Bankers Trust Building in downtown Charlotte, NC to the World Market in downtown Atlanta, Georgia; from the Asheville North Carolina Hospital Complex and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to the offices of SCE&G on Main St and The University of South Carolina Russell House on Green St, Columbia, South Carolina to the University of Charleston's Library in Charleston, SC. From the stores and cafes on U.S. 17 in Wilmington, NC to River St in Savannah, GA I have inspected flooring failures and concerns in the commercial sites and homes of the Southeast.
Floor Inspectors!
Service Area
  • South Carolina (area codes 864, 803, 843)
  • North Carolina (area codes 828, 704, 980 336, 919, 252, 910)
  • Georgia           (area codes 706, 770, 678, 912, 470, 762, 478)
  • Eastern Tn. (area code 865, 423)
Hardwood and Pine Flooring Inspections and Consultations
Floor InspectIons!
  • NWFA Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspector (National Wood Flooring Association)
  • North Carolina State University trained Kiln Drying Technician (Specializing in Wood Drying and Anatomical Defects and Issues)
  • North Carolina State University Specialty Training for Engineered Wood Flooring (Manufacturing issues and defects)
  • North Carolina State University Advance Specialty Training for Engineered Wood Flooring (manufacturing issues and defects)
  • North Carolina State University Wood ID training in domestic woods and tropical imports; with special attention to their individual characteristics and performance suitability for wood flooring usage.
  • National Oak Flooring Manufacturer's Association (NOFMA) and NWFA trained and Certified Wood Installer and Finisher and Inspector.
  • Inspector Training Services (ITS)
  • Brickman's Consulting and Training Services
  • Floor Consultants Institute of Technical Services (FCITS)
  • The National Hardwood Lumber Association, Hardwood Grading Trained for Floor Inspections
Carpet Inspections and Consultations 
  • Certified Carpet Inspector by the Floor Covering ( & Consultants) Institute of Technical Services (FCITS) Woven and Tufted
  • Inspectors Training Services
  • International Certification Registry (ICR)
  • Advance Flooring Specialist (AFS) (Tufted and Woven)
  • CFI Installer and Inspector (Certified FloorCovering Installers)
Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring Certified Trained & Certified Installer and Inspector by the International Certification Registry and the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (Educational arm of the Tile of America - CTEF)
Laminate Flooring
  • Floor Covering Institute of  Technical Services (FCITS)
  • Inspector Training Services (ITS)
  • Advance Flooring Specialist (AFS)
  • North American Laminate Flooring Association
Commercial Inspections
FCITS - Carpet, Vinyl, VCT, Specialty Flooring, Wood, 
NWFA - Wood
CTEF - Ceramic Tile and Stone
AFS - Carpet, Wood, Vinyl, VCT, Rubber, Specialty
ITS - Wood, Carpet, Vinyl, VCT, Specialty. 

Mannington Trained and Certified Vinyl, VCT and Laminate Inspector and Installer
Armstrong Trained and Certified Installer (Inspectors)

Contact Tucks for your: ( 864 238 5507)
Hardwood Flooring Problems
Ceramic Tile Flooring Problems
Laminate Flooring Problems
Carpet Problems
VCT and Vinyl Problems,
Gym Floor Issues
Commercial Inspections
Specialty Flooring
Concrete Concerns and Problems

Tucks specializes in Legal Review of Reports and Second Opinions when you REALIZE you are not receiving fair treatment by non-reputable persons or companies. 

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Tucks Inspection Service also is not controlled by any organizations or associations supported and controlled by manufacturers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest. 

  • Hardwood Cupping, Gaping, Gaps, Shrinkage, Moisture Issues, Moisture Barriers, Moisture Retarders, Buckling, Wearing, Loss of Gloss, Loss of Color, Sand/Finish Complaints, Insects, Insect Damage, Acclimation Complaints or Issues, Installation Complaints or Errors
  • Did you receive the grade, quality, that you ordered? If not, call Tucks. Trained to grade wood flooring by the Floor Inspectors Educational Guild and the National Hardwood Lumber Association.

Ceramic Tile, Stone and Marble
  • Cracked Tiles, Grout Coming Out, Deflection, Subfloor, Concrete, Grout Discoloration, Grout Discolored, Stained Marble, Stained Stone, Chipped Edges on Ceramic Tile, Chipped Edges on Marble and Stone

Carpet Complaints and Problems
  • Seams Falling Apart, Seams Raveling, Seams Unraveling, Soils Easily, Rapid Soiling, Stains, Wearing, Loss of Color, Fading, Wrinkled Carpet, Carpet Buckles, Carpet Buckling, Carpet Delamination, Questionable Reports? Bias Reports?

Vinyl & VCT Complaints and Problems
  • Vinyl Delamination, Vinyl Seams Gaps, Vinyl Seam Gaping, Vinyl Losing Color, Vinyl Loss of Color, Wearing, Vinyl Cuts, Vinyl Gouges, Telegraphing Subloor, Concrete, VCT Chipping, VCT Debonding

Laminate Complaints and Problems
  • Laminate Cupping, Laminate Swollen Seams, Laminate Swollen Joints, Laminate Delamination, Laminate Acclimation, Questionable Reports, Bias Reports? Laminate Edge Curling, Edge Curl, Laminate Indenting, Laminate Dents, Finish Wear-Layer Complaints, Laminate Loss of Gloss
Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector - Hardwood Floor Inspections
Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector - Ceramic Tile Floor Inspections
Certified Marble / Stone Floor Inspector - Certified Marble / Stone Floor Inspections
Certified Vinyl Floor Inspector - Certified Vinyl Floor Inspections
Certified Carpet Inspector - Certified to Inspect Tufted Carpets and Woven Carpets
Certified Speciality Floor Inspector - Certified to Inspect Speciality Flooring
Floor Inspectors!
Selva Lee Tucker
(864) 238 5507
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