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Tucks Floor Inspection Services 
Your Certified Floor Inspector
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Services (Floor Inspectors)
  • Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspector and Certified Installer
  • Certified Ceramic Tile Flooring Inspector and Installer
  • Certified Carpet Inspector, Installer and Cleaner
  • Certified Natural Fiber Woven Carpet Inspector and Installer
  • Certified Vinyl, VCT, Rubber and other Specialty Flooring Inspector and Installer
  • Commercial Flooring Inspector
  • Concrete Testing
  • Pre-Installation sites Tested and Evaluated by ANSI Standards

Services provided to:
  • Homeowners
  • Business Owners
  • Flooring Retailers
  • Architects
  • Construction Specifiers
  • Construction Contractors and Corporations

Tucks Inspection Service is not controlled by any organizations or associations supported and controlled by manufacturers, distributors or retailers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest. 

The Process for Homeowners and Retailers
Each year, homeowners save their money to buy new flooring to improve the value and appearance of their homes. However, sometimes the desired results are not satisfactory. You file a complaint with the retailer who files a complaint with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will send an email to a person. This will be a "Mill only Inspector" most times who does several inspections a day on a route. The mill inspectors' jobs are simple, "Determine if the claim is manufacturing related or not". The mill inspector is there to represent the manufacturer in your claim. He is not there to tell you who or what caused your problem. His job is to represent the manufacturer as either a manufacturing concern or not. He is not there to help you solve your problems! You, the homeowner and retailer, are only told it is not their concern. 
Retailers and Homeowners, you need someone to represent your interest. 
Selva Lee Tucker is also trained by North Carolina State University's Wood Extension Department to better help you with all of  your flooring questions. Learn the truth from someone trained by the wood scientist!

Building Contractors and Construction Specifier
You hire what was supposed to be reputable company to install the flooring in your new or remodeled commercial or residential building. 
However, within days to months, you are receiving telephone calls complaining about the flooring. They may be polite or upset but each of those persons represents future work and the GOOD NAME of your Company or YOURSELF by referrals or expressing their opinions of your workmanship and service. Can you afford to jeopardize you life work from the failures of the product or installation of the flooring. 
The cost of replacing flooring of occupied buildings is huge! 
Do not trust your GOOD NAME and the GOOD NAME of your COMPANY to a person sent by the flooring manufacturer who is there to represent the manufacturer, NOT YOU! 
Manufacturers know the huge cost of replacing flooring, which is why, they train and use MILL Inspectors. 

The manufacture of this pine flooring stated it was completely "Site Conditions" and not their responsibility.


With Tucks Flooring Inspection Service on your side, problems like this are solved.

Tucks Inspects Flooring For the Following Complaints and Problems

  • Hardwood Cupping, Gaping, Gaps, Shrinkage, Moisture Issues, Moisture Barriers, Moisture Retarders, Buckling, Wearing, Loss of Gloss, Loss of Color, Sand/Finish Complaints, Insects, Insect Damage, Acclimation Complaints or Issues, Installation Complaints or Errors, Kiln Drying Defects investigated by a trained Kiln Drying Operator. 

Ceramic Tile, Stone and Marble
  • Cracked Tiles, Grout Coming Out, Deflection, Subfloor, Concrete, Grout Discoloration, Grout Discolored, Stained Marble, Stained Stone, Chipped Edges on Ceramic Tile, Chipped Edges on Marble and Stone

Carpet Complaints and Problems
  • Seams Falling Apart, Seams Raveling, Seams Unraveling, Soils Easily, Rapid Soiling, Stains, Wearing, Loss of Color, Fading, Wrinkled Carpet, Carpet Buckles, Carpet Buckling, Carpet Delamination, Questionable Reports? Bias Reports?

Vinyl & VCT Complaints and Problems
  • Vinyl Delamination, Vinyl Seams Gaps, Vinyl Seam Gaping, Vinyl Losing Color, Vinyl Loss of Color, Wearing, Vinyl Cuts, Vinyl Gouges, Telegraphing Subloor, Concrete, VCT Chipping, VCT Debonding

Laminate Complaints and Problems
  • Laminate Cupping, Laminate Swollen Seams, Laminate Swollen Joints, Laminate Delamination, Laminate Acclimation, Questionable Reports, Bias Reports? Laminate Edge Curling, Edge Curl, Laminate Indenting, Laminate Dents, Finish Wear-Layer Complaints, Laminate Loss of Gloss

Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
Certified Carpet Inspector
Certified Vinyl Floor Inspector
Certified VCT Floor Inspector
Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector
Certified Marble / Stone Floor Inspector
Certified Speciality Floor Inspector

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